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The Druid College Staff

Below is the primary staff for the Druid College course. Subject specific teachers will join us each year to enhance the teachings. Over the three-year study, supplemental teaching will include the role of the Artist, Storytelling, Permaculture, Wildfood, Geomancy, and Druidry.
Robin Herne

Robin Herne
Robin is a storyteller, poet, artist, dog-owner, lupophile, obsessive Dr Who fan, and Druid. He has written numerous articles for Pagan magazines (such as Pagan Dawn, Many Gods-Many Voices, & Dragonswood), Interfaith books (˜Pagan Pieces), and had poems included in the work of other authors (Galina Krasskova's ˜Full Fathom Five"). He has also contributed crime fiction to anthologies, appeared in television documentaries, and is a regular broadcaster with BBC Radio Suffolk. He regularly speaks at Interfaith seminars, Pagan conventions, and other events as both a lecturer and a storyteller. He currently lives in Suffolk, England and is a founder member of both the Druid group Clan Ogma and the Ipswich Pagan Council (founded in 1994 and still going strong). He is also proud to be the first winner of the title Chief Bard of the Fens! Having written his first crime anthology, he is now working on a series of crime novels.

Joanna van der Hoeven

Joanna van der Hoeven
Joanna van der Hoeven was born in Quebec, Canada. She moved to the UK in 1998, where she now lives with her husband in a small village in Suffolk, near the coast of the North Sea. Joanna is a former Trustee of The Druid Network.  She has studied with Emma Restall Orr and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.  She has a BA Hons English Language and Literature degree. She is currently the Media Co-Ordinator for The Druid Network and is the author and contributor of several books on Paganism and Druidry. She is regularly involved with charities and working for her local community. She combines her Druidry with the teachings of Zen Buddhism to create a practice filled with awareness and utter devotion to nature.